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Jigger Infested Man Says He Needs More than Just Prayers

Benson lives just two kilometers from the governor’s office in Bungoma town, in a small village called Chemche. He had suffered with jiggers for a long time (as long as he could remember), and the accompanying stigma and isolation affected him psychologically.

Bernard used to attend a local church where the pastor always knelt him down every Sunday and prayed for his jigger situation without taking any further action. As expected the situation only worsened, and with came the familiar blame of ‘lack of faith’ from church members. That prompted him to leave and join a different church.

By the time RUS team came in contact with Benson, he had moved to six different churches, and all of them applied the same formula to his scourge – prayer. Flesh was falling off his toes, and the accompanying smells were terrible. Bernard said, he had been hoping to get us, because what he needed was ‘more than just prayers’. RUS helped him and now Bernard is jigger free.

This is the treatment most jigger victims suffer. The jigger menace has been made ‘spiritual’ and therefore spiritual solutions are sought instead of treatment. RUS is actively involved in civic education in churches, schools and community leaders, to help them understand and appreciate the jigger plight better.

The future is looking good for RISE UP cause, and in a few years, we shall have no jiggers in the western belt of Kenya, where most of our work is concentrated. We plan to expand our efforts after accomplishing our goal in our present marked geographical location.

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