Donation Policy

Our Donation Policy

Our Kill the Jigger initiative has relied entirely upon support and kindness from donors across the globe. There are two ways you can donate to our cause:

  1. 1. Monetary donations – ALL monetary donations go directly towards the jigger project. All donated money buys disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide, shoes, clothes and other needed supplies that can be locally bought. PayPal is the most secure, instant donate mode preferred by RUS. You can donate through our Website - Donation Link or Those who cannot access PayPal can use Western Union. Email for information.
  1. 2. Medical supplies – Some medical supplies are not found in Kenya, and we get them through donations that come through the post office.
    They include –
  2. i) Scalpels – we prefer Feather conventional disposable sterile scalpels, size 24.
  3. ii) Lidocaine 4% topical anesthetic cream or Anesten Lidocaine 10.56%.
  4. iii) Gloves – Black latex nitril gloves (medium size).
  5. iv) Non sterile gauze sponges 4 x 4 (Dukal Corporation)
  6. v) Neosporin antibiotic ointment or Equate triple antibiotic cream.
  7. v) Stainless steel toe nail clippers.
  • Other supplies: We accept slightly used shoes and secondhand clothes. However, shipping charges can be crazy (you could spend more on shipment that buying new things). When you ship a box remember to write on the box


Kenya does not have physical addresses, so we still use postal addresses. The postal address for RUS is:

Jim Nduruchi,
Rise Up Society Headquarters,
P.O. Box 1499 – 50200,
Bungoma KENYA.
Write on the box

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Our Mission

Reach out to the poorest of the poor with love in action.

Our Vision

Reach out the very bottom of life and lift up people who have been left out living in forgotten or never accessed parts of Kenya.